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The manual assumes basic familiarity with Ethernet networks.

Reference for hardware engineers responsible for designing systems and boards. User s Manual describing the set of MFT firmware management tools.


See under Firmware downloads. Firmware download Web page: The use of Mb or Mbits Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC b indicates size in mega bits. The cards described in this manual have the following main features: These modules must be purchased separately from.

Mellanox ConnectX En 10gigabit 2 Port Ethernet Adapter Pci-e Mnph29b-xtc Card

SR and LR modules not recommended by Mellanox may not work with the adapter. Hardware and Software Requirements Before installing the NIC, please make sure that the system meets Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC hardware and software requirements listed in Table 3. Support can be found at: Please consult the host machine documentation for instructions on how to install a PCI Express card.

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Any PCI slot with the proper configuration is acceptable for connection. If the card is installed in a PCI slot Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC less lanes than the card requires then the adapter card will not provide the optimum data transfer. Installation Instructions Read all installation instructions before connecting the equipment to the power source.

Mellanox ConnectX EN 10Gig MNPH29B-XTC OS Compatibility ServeTheHome and Forums

Over-temperature This equipment should not be operated in an area with an ambient temperature exceeding the maximum recommended: An air flow of LFM at this maximum ambient temperature is required. Moreover, to guarantee proper air flow, allow at least 8cm 3 inches of clearance around the ventilation openings. During Lightning - Electrical Hazard During periods of lightning activity, do not work on the equipment or connect or disconnect cables. Equipment Installation This equipment should be installed, replaced, or serviced only by trained and qualified personnel. Equipment Disposal Disposal of this equipment Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC be in accordance to all national laws and regulations. Local and National Electrical Codes This equipment should be installed in compliance with local and national electrical codes. Hazardous Radiation Exposure Caution Use of controls or adjustment or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

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Make sure to open the Readme files and read them before you start the procedure. The installation requires administrator privileges on the target machine.

Driver Software supplies drivers Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC Download the driver from Mellanox website 2. Module parameters can be obtained with modinfo command: Within the tool kit is the mtsflint tool software package, which is also available at: You can download the latest firmware at: Follow the installation instructions included in the download package Updating Adapter Card Firmware Each adapter card is shipped with the latest version of qualified firmware at the time of manufacturing.


Firmware is updated occasionally, and the most recent firmware can be obtained from through the Firmware downloads link, or you can download the latest firmware at: This package is available for download, along with its user s manual, from the single adapter card firmware update Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC. A firmware binaries table lists a binary file per adapter card. The file name of each such binary is composed by combining the firmware name, the firmware release version, and the card part number. Please contact your assigned Field Application Engineer if you cannot find the firmware binary for your adapter card. This may happen if the product is not yet available for general distribution Firmware Version Check and Update.

Obtain the latest FW image from Mellanox web site.

Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC - network adapter

Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC green LED, when lit, indicates that the driver is running and a valid physical connection between nodes exists. The green LED, when blinking, indicates that the physical connection between nodes is problematic. The yellow LED when lit, indicates a valid data activity link, this is the logical link.

The yellow LED illuminates when the network is discovered over the physical link. A valid data activity link without data transfer is designated by a constant yellow LED indication. A valid data activity link with data transfer is designated by a blinking yellow LED indication. If the LEDs are not active, either the physical link or the logical link or both connections have not been Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC. Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC - network adapter overview and full product specs on CNET. View full Mellanox ConnectX EN MNPH29B-XTC specs on CNET.

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