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Editors' note, November 29, This review has been edited since its initial publication to include some additional observations regarding image quality. While the majority of home movie watchers avoids Blu-ray because of the ongoing format war and high costs, AV enthusiasts lately have been hesitant to pick up a new Blu-ray player for another reason: They've been waiting for the impending Blu-ray Profile 1. All Blu-ray players certified to bear that magic logo after October 31 must meet the more-stringent hardware requirements of Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player Profile 1.

While some manufacturers have rushed to get their players out before the deadline, Panasonic has taken a different approach by releasing the first Blu-ray Profile 1. The DMP-BD30 certainly doesn't beat the value proposition of Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player PlayStation 3but if you insist on getting a standalone Blu-ray player as opposed to Sony's console, it's one of the top contenders.


We definitely prefer this arrangement to having to manually lower the BD10A's panel every time we wanted to change a disc. We absolutely hated the remote on the DMP-BD10A, but luckily Panasonic wised up and included a more reasonable clicker on the newer model.

Panasonic DMP-BD30K review: Panasonic DMP-BD30K - CNET

Toward the bottom half of the remote is the circular directional pad, which is surround by three large buttons Top Menu, Pop-up Menu, and Display and four smaller buttons in the corners Sub Menu, Status, Functions, and Return. It takes roughly 23 seconds to boot up from powered off to the Blu-ray splash screen and another 10 seconds to display the first screen of a Blu-ray Disc previously inserted in the player. When it's already powered on, placing a disc in the tray and pressing "play" takes around 26 seconds for a Blu-ray Disc and 17 seconds for a DVD. These are times I can easily live with, to get the picture quality advantages that are available with next generation discs. Dead Man's Chest" the load times are a bit longer but still come in around half the times of Panasonic's previous generation BD Blu-ray Disc player. Also, the Panasonic player as with most Blu-ray Disc players actually remembers where you were on a Blu-ray Disc when you stop and resume playback, but the Toshiba players are unable to perform the same feat with HD-DVD discs.

And if you're Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player of these people, you should find the Panasonic remote control functional if Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player exceptional.

The remote does not include any backlighting, but the buttons are laid out well and the remote is easy enough to operate by feel. It's also easy to get in and out of the set-up screens for tweaking of the various settings, and it does so without too much fuss.

The Big Picture All the ergonomic niceties in the world wouldn't make a difference if the player did not perform well from the video and audio side. In terms of video performance, Panasonic engineers have worked hard here, intending to match or beat any currently available Blu-ray Disc player's performance. Meanwhile Panasonic's proprietary P4HD video processing is designed to correctly reconstruct or convert i content to p with the highest quality image, minimizing judder and other artifacts and Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player the full x pixel detail of the original source material.


We tested the DMP-BD30 using a standard battery of SD and HD test discs as well as some actual movies and concert titles Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player found that it did an excellent job converting i test signals to p with pixel-perfect detail. The player was able to present single pixel high rows of alternating black and white lines from a i video source without strobing or detail loss showing that it correctly de-interlaces a i signal back into its p source.

On a film-based i test patterns, there was some Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player during Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-Ray Player, but I have seen much worse performance than this, even on more expensive components. The player also did a very good but not exceptional job converting standard definition DVDs to p resolution. In the first "jaggies" test of the Silicon Optix HQV test DVD, the rotating white line of the test pattern had only a slight quiver of visible stair-stepping at about degrees, but then recovered and was otherwise virtually straight throughout its revolution.

Similarly on the 3 diagonal-line test, only the lowest of the 3 lines exhibited stair-stepping and even then, less dramatically than many lesser upconverting players. This displayed the telltale wavy line through the grandstand that results from improper de-interlacing of film-based content, but only briefly.

Final Standard Profile Blu-ray Player (BD-ROM Profile1 version ); p output: 24p/60p via HDMI v with Deep Color; Up-conversion of standard DVDs to. The Good Excellent picture quality on Blu-ray discs; p output at 24 frames per second; DVD upconversion up to p; HDMI b output.

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