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If you have a look at the datasheetyou will see that the absolute maximum voltage for all coppermine cpus is 2. But make sure you set the voltage correctly on the slotket, setting it e.

ASUS A1B drivers

Is it somehow possible to run slot1 cpus in boards which can only provide down to 1. Yes it's possible, but it requires some work.

The basic Asus A1B IDE behind the modification is the same as if you would be using a slotket adapter and use the voltage selection jumpers to make the board believe the cpu wants a different voltage. To do this, you must tape some pins on the slot1 connector, and connect some others.

Asus A1B IDE It depends on the default voltage of your cpu which pins you'll have to modify, there are 3 possibilities. In all cases, you need to change the VID coding to 1. A "0" means the signal is connected to ground, a "1" means it is open.


Only VID1 is different from the target 1. To do this, you need to connect VID1 to ground. VID1 is pin A on the connector, connect this to the adjacent A pin using a thin u-shaped wire piece. This can be done by insulating them, so just tape them. Additionally, VID3 pin B must be changed to 0, thus needs to be connected to ground. Unfortunately, there is no adjacent ground pin, so use an insulated wire to connect it to A just "around the corner" of the edge connector. Tape VID2 pin Asus A1B IDE More information on this mod including the mandatory pictures can be found at http: However, you'd need to get the newer regulator chip probably from a defective board and then exchange the chips, which you probably should only do if you're experienced with smd-soldering.

But don't come back and complain your board went up in smoke! It should be obvious you do all modifications on your own responsibility. Intel and Asus will tell you it's not possible, but that's only half of the story. There are some minor incompatibilities in the bus interface tualatins use AGTL, which has a voltage level of 1. But none of these are really critical, the reason it won't work is because intel intentionally changed the cpu pinout slightly to prevent system builders to plug in Asus A1B IDE in unsupported systems. There are basically two methods to get a tualatin to work in such a system: This thing has its own voltage regulator, and is not a lot more complicated than a normal slotket to handle. However, it is quite expensive. There are also the upgradeware SLOT-T adapteror the powerleap SlotWonder, which do not have their own voltage regulator, and are thus cheaper, but should not be used on boards which do not have a voltage regulator which goes down to 1.

Definitely not for everybody, and since the cpu still uses the voltage regulator of the motherboard, the board should be capable of delivering down to 1. If you want to do this, you should read the thread at oc-forums about this mod but I'd recommend doing ak4-aj5 if you use conductive silver paint instead of ak4-an11, because it's far easier to do. There are several websites available with detailed instructions, here's one also available in german. One little Asus A1B IDE remains at least on p2b family boards if you have hardware monitoringyou will get a warning at bootup that "Hardware monitor found an error". This is because the bios has a fixed range of voltages it accepts without error for a given cpu, and it's wrong for tualatins.

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You should just set the vcore value in power management Asus A1B IDE "Ignore" to get rid of that annoyance. That depends on your current bios version and the cpu you want to upgrade to. For correct recognition of the latest stepping coppermines, a recent beta is usually required, though it should boot fine with the latest final bios. But the latest beta link has tendency to move unfortunately is highly recommended. If you want to upgrade to a cpu which has a multiplier of 11, 12 or 14 and a board of the P2B family, you MUST use bios version beta 3 because of a bug in all earlier bioses with an earlier bios you could only boot at 66Mhz FSB if the cpu has multiplier 11 or 12, and not boot at all if it has multiplier The recommended flash utility is aflash.

If the downloadable version doesn't work on your P2B board error message "unknown flash chip" or similartry the version which was on the cd included with the motherboard. View and Download Asus A1B user manual online.


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