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There are several defined ways for a channel command to complete. Some of these allow the channel to continue fetching CCWs, while others terminate the channel Archtek psw. Certain status bits from the control unit suppress chaining. The most common ways for a command to complete are for the count to be exhausted when chain-data is not set and for the control unit to signal that no more data transfers should be made. The most common situations that suppress chaining Archtek psw unit-exception and unit-check. However, the combination of unit-check and status-modifier does not suppress chaining; rather, it causes the channel to do a command retry, reprocessing the same CCW.


Channel status[ edit ] These conditions are detected by Archtek psw channel and indicated in the CSW. The channel continues processing; this interruption simply informs the CPU of the channel's progress. To ensure that this record has been completely read into main storage, a "disabled bit spin", one of the few which remains in the control program, is initiated. In this way, an entire load module may be read and relocated while utilizing only one EXCPand possibly only one revolution of the disk drive. PCI also has applications in teleprocessing Archtek psw method buffer management.

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Incorrect length PoOps p indicates that the data transfer Archtek psw a command completed before the Count was exhausted. Channel data check PoOps p indicates a parity error during a data transfer.


Channel control check PoOps p Archtek psw a channel malfunction other than Channel data check or Interface control check. Interface control check PoOps p indicates an invalid signal in the channel to control unit interface.

IBM System/360 architecture

Chaining check PoOps p indicates lost data during data chaining. Unit status[ edit ] These conditions are presented to the channel by the control unit or device. PoOps pp— In some cases they are handled by the channel and in other cases they are indicated in the CSW. There is no distinction between conditions detected by the control unit and conditions detected by the device. Attention PoOps p indicates an unusual condition not associated with an ongoing channel program. It often indicates some sort of operator Archtek psw like requesting input, in which case the CPU Archtek psw respond by issuing a read-type command, most often a sense command 04h from which additional information could be deduced.

Attention Archtek psw a special condition, and requires specific operating support, and for which the operating system has a special "attention index" table with a necessarily limited number of entries. A Busy status refers to the control unit rather than to the device. A device has detected a condition that requires skipping a CCW. A CCW with a command for which Status Modifier is possible will normally specify command chaining, in which case the SM is processed by the channel and does not cause an interruption.

IBM System/ architecture - Wikipedia

A typical channel program where SM occurs is Control unit end PoOps p indicates that a previous control unit busy status has been cleared. Channel end PoOps p indicates that Archtek psw device has completed the data transfer for a channel command.

There may also be an Incorrect length indication if the Count field of the CCW is exhausted, depending on the value of the Suppress-Length-Indication bit. Device end PoOps p indicates that the device Archtek psw completed an operation and is Archtek psw to accept another.

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DE may be signalled concurrently with CE or may be delayed. Unit check PoOps pp— indicates that the device or control unit has detected an unusual conditions and that details Archtek psw be obtained by issuing a Sense command.


Unit exception PoOps p indicates that the device has detected an unusual condition, e. Channel Address Word[ edit ] Archtek psw fullword Channel Address Word [2] p99 CAW contains a 4-bit storage protection key and a bit address of the channel program to be started.

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