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It might sound very intimidating at first but its principle is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. Basically, once you have taken a shot and reviewed it on the screen, you rate it as "winner", "keep for now" or "delete", which is done Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back pressing a Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back button on the back that assigns green, yellow or red colour to the image respectively; classification information is recorded in the file name, too. Indeed, this procedure is so central to the workflow that there is no dedicated ISO or Delete button yet, as already mentioned, there is one that specifically serves to classify captured images. If you do not classify an image after it is taken then the "winner" status green colour is assigned to it by default default colour can be changed in settings to yellow or red.

After a shooting session is over you start working on or show your clients the images marked in green colour, which significantly speeds up one's post—shooting workflow.

Hasselblad unveils CFV-39 digital back

The CFV—39 boasts audio feedback that, on the one hand, is a part of the IAA that Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back you to rate images without having to look at the LCD screen and, on the other hand, provides audio information on exposure and general operation of the back. Specifically, the back makes clearly distinguishable sounds for each of underexposure, acceptable exposure, overexposure, battery nearly depleted, CF card near full, etc. This might sound somewhat gimmicky at first but I found this feature very Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back you get used to the sounds and learn what each of them means, you can operate the back and photograph without having to look at the display as often; I found this particularly useful when shooting fast. And if you do feel that audio feedback is not useful to you, you can always switch it off. Instead, the workflow should be such that all photographs that are meant to be deleted should be assigned red colour and then deleted together in one go.

This is akin to how, when working on a computer, you first send the files that you intend to delete to trash bin and then empty it to delete them at once.

When a CF card is almost full the back starts deleting the files that have been assigned red colour as you continue shooting with a previous warning that it is going to do so, of course. Neat, if you ask me.

The new Hasselblad CFV digital back, custom built to match the design and functionality of Hasselblad V cameras, turns every V Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back into an easy-to-use digital workhorse. The megapixel back, with a sensor twice the size of premier DSLRs, features two capture modes and a new digital lens correction Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back for Carl Zeiss lenses, powered by Mac- and Windows-compatible Phocus image processing software. The Hasselblad Natural Color Solution offers a generic profile that delivers true colors right out of the box.

All V System cameras operate cable-free. Images shot with the Hasselblad CF 39 line have unsurpassed clarity and sharpness, thanks to the ultra-high pixel resolution produced by the 39 Mpix sensor.


Hasselblad digital back - Professional photography This sensor produces the largest digital files currently available for professional photography, making them ideal for the most demanding, high resolution printing applications and give the photographer increased flexibility and creative control when cropping or Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back for printing. Hasselblad CF 39MS - Studio environment In a studio environment, the Hasselblad CF 39 line enables you to increase the color resolution of your captures by means of a unique multiple-exposure technique controlled by the optional Multi Shot Module patent pending.

Why Hasselblad CF (AKA CF) Used Digital Back So Rare

Hasselblad CF39 back - Digital workflow Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back CF backs capture an extended set of metadata and then perform an automated correction for color aberration effects with every shot. This means that your digital captures are automatically optimized to provide the finest detail that a given lens can resolve.


We are confident that the image quality you achieve as a result of the DAC functionality will make you, and your customers, look twice. Hasselblad CF 39 - Color management solution In the past, Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back management solutions have imposed limitations on professional digital photographers, because of the need to choose a specific color profile to suit a specific job in order to capture various skin tones, metals, fabrics, flowers, etc.

Oleg Novikov Photography » Hasselblad CFV–39 digital back review

Hasselblad has helped solve this dilemma, with the development of a new, powerful color profile to be used with its FlexColor imaging software. Working with the new Hasselblad RGB Hasselblad CF-39 Digital Back profile enables you to produce outstanding and reliable out-of-the-box colors, with skin tones, special product gradations, and other difficult colors reproduced easily and effectively. Hasselblad CF 39 digital back specification - Sensor dimensions: Over images with 80 GB disk - Battery type: Mounted on sensor - Histogram feedback - Included with H2 awareness, Acoustic feed back and Metadata classification - Software:The Hasselblad CF Digital Back provides 39 megapixels of resolution and utilizes the Hasselblad "i-adapter" open camera interface. The CF back brings an.

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The Hasselblad CFMS Digital Back provides 39 megapixels of resolution and utilizes the Hasselblad "i-adapter" open camera interface. The CF back brings.

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