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Proper procedure is to start making small increments of 5 — 10 mV and testing each setting. Since we want to save time we are going to pick a start point based on our experience, and the experience of others online, where we know it should be safe to start with an offset of As a generalization, many Skylake Core U-series mobile processors seem to find their upper limit between Begin your testing several steps below those levels. Now change to your starting offset using the arrow buttons or the dropdown list and hit apply. Your computer will have managed to override the new offset you tried to set and will be back to default voltage, but as a matter of caution make sure your starting point is within a realm of Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning.

It is time to test stability under load using the built-in CPU stress test. The reason for this is we want to quickly find the point where it is unstable under any load whatsoever, and 10 minutes is long enough to show this. Later, we will refine our settings and run a more extensive Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning test to test stability properly. Keep repeating this process using increments of 0. Once this happens, drop back 0.

HTWingNut's Sager NP8250 / Clevo P157SM Review

Those who run right on the Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning edge with undervolting or overclocking prefer to run software such as Prime95 or AIDA64 for half a day, but this is more than we need for our purpose. Setting Profiles Optional Once you are happy with the undervolt achieved, hit the save button on the right side and give it a descriptive name.

This area is more useful when using a CPU that allows overclocking because the user can set various levels of overclock and quickly switch Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning those and an undervolted profile, based on the task at hand. Don't be tempted to tie a profile to a process that always runs, such as explorer. If you are having problems getting profiles to automatically load after a restart, then this guide by 'ThatOldGuy' on the NotebookReview forums should help.

Problems include the app pairings taking several minutes to register that the target process is now running, or app pairings no longer functioning after a system restart. This will have a cumulative effect that leaves a greater portion of the power envelope available for sustained performance. Generally, the cache voltage offset will normally be stable Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning the same level as the CPU core, while Intel HD Graphics normally hit their limit at a lower offset.


Some manufacturers will modify the TDP allowance to be higher performance or lower quietness than the stock value prior to the laptop leaving the factory. The front also carries some similar hard angle styling cues. On the bottom of the laptop you'll find your typical compartment covers. There are lots of vent holes in the main bay where the beefy m and Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning quad core CPU is housed to allow for cool air to cycle through. The sub-woofer speaker grille has a chrome accent ring and embedded in a brushed aluminum trim piece. On the right side is a Kensington lock slot, USB 2. The optical drive is just forward of the audio ports. This exposes the GPU and associated fan and heatsink. Same for the CPU, fan, and heatsink. The sub-woofer speaker is mounted just forward of the GPU fan.

HTWingNut's Sager NP / Clevo PSM Review NotebookReview

After removing thee screws holding the storage cover in place, it easily slides off to expose a majority of the storage device slots. The NP includes room for one 9. The optical drive is a standard There is a compartment beneath the 9. This is due to an issue with the chipset, which may be fixed later with a firmware BIOS, or driver update. In the meantime, I'd heed the warning Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning not remove the stickers. The optical drive can also be swapped out for an additional hard drive or SSD if desired.

This means that there is opportunity for four SATA drives, albeit a mixture of form factors, and chance for a fifth Sager NP8250 Intel Extreme Tuning they fix the issue with the other mSATA port. Windows 7, Intel Wireless LAN Drivers for Windows 7 32/64 BIT,Feb- Windows 8, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Windows 8 32/64 BIT, NP/NP / Model number: PSM. Windows 8, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility for Windows 8 32/64 BIT,Jun, KB, Image with no.

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