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SOYO SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 V1.0 User Manual

Socket ATX motherboard handles Pentium 4 chips including the Prescott series; supports Dual Channel DDR memory; wealth of features, particularly for storage; ships with full selection of cables and a memory card reader; good performance; lots of overclocking options; black finish looks good in computers with a case window and internal lighting. Location of power connectors can interfere with drive placement in some computer cases; IDE ports are low on the board and the provided cables are short, so they won't reach the uppermost optical drives in some mid-tower systems; had Windows XP conflict with Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 of the RAID controllers.

An all-around good performer, with one of the most extensive arrays of storage connection options on the market - and you get a free memory card reader and a slew of cables as part of the package. Motherboards are like car engines - their design, features and performance vary widely For those in the know, though, Soyo has developed a motherboard with decent performance, overclocking capabilities and a truly awesome array of storage connections. It's eye-catching in a computer case that's been modified with a side window and some internal lighting. But this finish isn't the only thing that marks it as a board for people who like to customize Windows or Linux PCs and who appreciate a high-performance machine.

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Story continues below advertisement First the important stuff. I set the board up with a Pentium 4 2.

I set it up with 1GB of Kingston ValueRAM for the review - that amount of memory helped the system take advantage of the CPU's multithreading capability and meant I Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 run a bunch of tasks simultaneously without bogging things down noticeably. I personally don't like playing benchmark numbers games, because Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 configuration changes can slew benchmark results dramatically - and the numbers are largely meaningless to the average user anyway. What counts is whether a system does the jobs you want to do, and handles them smoothly.


Suffice it to say that with the Pentium 4 2. The difference was especially noticeable when rendering video and playing games at high resolutions and frame rates, and when I was using the system as a media server to send out several video and audio streams in the background while handling other tasks on-screen such as Web browsing. The machine handled the load without Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 quiver.

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While it can be set up for just about anything, the board was obviously developed with overclockers ie. The AGP and memory voltage can be stepped up and down in 0. The Dragon 2 can monitor the CPU fan speed and temperature, which is pretty standard on high-performance and even some entry-level motherboards these days. But what isn't standard is the huge heat sink on the chipset specifically the Intel northbridge to compensate for overclocking, and the low-heat design that features a four-phase Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 regulator.

And the processor's front-side bus, core voltage and clock multiplier can all be rejigged in the BIOS, as I mentioned, without any need to Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 around with motherboard jumper settings although you'll have to use a jumper to reset the CMOS settings if you mess something up badly. Strangely, though, you'll have to keep a close eye on variables such as heat and voltage yourself, at least until Soyo updates its drivers - I couldn't find any way Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 set alarms to go off if readings went beyond my desired parameters, which is a major oversight.


The board has excellent internal and external expansion options. You can use one of those slots to add a high-end audio card that reduces Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 overhead slightly, but the Dragon 2's built-in audio is no slouch. The board has a CMI audio chip that can generate six-channel audio. And for audiophiles and those with high-end portable audio players, the Dragon 2 has provisions for both optical and coaxial SPDIF connectors through a small adapter card included that screws into a standard PCI card opening on the back of the PC.


Story continues below advertisement Story continues below advertisement The Dragon 2 also comes with a media card reader that fits into either a floppy drive bay or Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 full-size 5. Besides a Firewire port and four USB 2. The reader has four other slots that read nine types of removable memory cards, including Compact Flash, Smart Media and SD cartridges. The board itself also has some legacy connectors, including a pair of RS serial ports and a parallel printer port. There's a heck of a lot packed onto this board, but there's one glaring problem I ran into with the design that may affect particular computer cases. The AT power connector is on the right-hand edge of the board about half-way down, and the power coupling plugs straight into the face of the board instead of coming out to one side.

I've never run into this problem with other motherboards on that particular case, which I often use for testing, so would-be integrators should check the rear clearance on the back of their drive bays before investing in this board if they plan to use all their bays. Basically, add a video card, Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 and a hard drive, and this board is ready to go - or use the expansion ports to build a killer machine loaded with peripherals.


Oh yes, expansion options. This means you can add a combined Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 of 12 high performance hard disks and optical drives to this motherboard - phenomenal. And a nice touch: The board comes with three wire IDE cables an odd number Story continues below advertisement That's only the beginning.

Soyo SY-P4IP DRAGON 2 manual - Motherboards - Tom's Hardware

I say "can" with some reservations, though. The drivers installed fine, but up on reboot the computer would hang and refuse to boot past the initial Windows logo screen. Disabling the drivers again fixed the problem. SOYO SY-P4IP DRAGON Soyo SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 - motherboard - ATX - Socket - iP overview and full product specs on CNET. SOYO SY-P4IP DRAGON 2 - Platinum Edition - motherboard - ATX - Socket - iP overview and full product specs on CNET.

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