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The land of York's Peninsula, as seen from St.


Vincent's Gulf, is very low and destitute of all the features of a line and Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center country. No eminence of more than feet in height was visible over a range of coast forty miles in extent. The coast is generally " bluff," and is composed of horizontal earthy strata, the upper beds of a whitish marl-like appearance, having the usual covering of vegetable mould, mixed with a reddish ferruginous loam. In its geo-logical formation it bears, therefore, a strong resemblance to the land on which Adelaide is built. The land stretching backwards from the sea is a dead level, but well covered with the common grasses, shrubs, and smaller trees of this country.

Birds of the various Australian tribes are very numerous, as are also kangaroos of the large forest species, in excellent condition. There were many tracks and encampments of the natives, and their fires were visible in many parts of the country.

The soil and the vegetation improved rapidly as we advanced inland, and we saw many extensive fields of kangaroo grass. The most abundant tree is the she-oak, whole forests of which we traversed, interspersed with the blue gum, the mimosa, and the cypress.

The memebryanthum edile is too abundant. Its pulpy fruit has a very agreeable flavour when ripe, and is much eaten by the natives.


From this rough sketch it will he apparent that the soil is not of a very fertile description, but, so far from being a " barren and sandy waste" that, if we could have found a fresh water river, we would have pronounced it a good country for the maintenance of flocks and herds. From the numerous native population it is obvious that there is no scarcity of fresh water, although we could not find Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center.

Nine miles north of Troubridge Shoal there is another shoal of equal extent, covered at high water, running N. This shoal is not laid down in the chart. It was covered with innumerable birds, and as some of them were pelicans the reef may be called "Pelican Shoal. Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center this part of the coast there is a beautiful semicircular bay, three miles deep, with sloping and wooded shores, from which many native smokes were rising. Landing at a distant part of the coast, we made for this bay, expecting to find a stream of fresh water running into it. We saw a party of eight or ten natives gathering the shell fish which abound along the coast. When they descried us they immediately ran into the woods, and we saw no more of them, to our Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center disappointment, as we expected to learn from them whether there was any fresh water stream in the neighbourhood along whose banks we might prosecute our enquiries into the neighbourhood.

From the head of the bay we struck into the bush, and after a walk of twenty-five miles, during which we suffered consiberably from thirst, reached our boat. We found the soundings of the bay very shallow, and named it in our log "Deception Bay. A party of five might in my opinion, if provided with two pack horses, reach Port Lincoln by land; as I believe from the number of natives that a scarcity of water is not to be feared.

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The natives themselves would, if they received no provocation, judging from the ordinary principles of human nature remain perfectly inoffensive. They are neither cannibals nor wild beasts, but human beings living on the spontaneous bounty of nature. Wherever they have been met they have returned kindness for kindness.

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In the neighbourhood of Encounter Bay they may perhaps have acquired an unfavourable idea of the white man's character, from the behaviour of a few sealers and whalers, but elsewhere they will, I believe generally be Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center very harmless and even useful as guides. I have the honor to be Gentlemen, Your most obedient humble servant, R.


To those who hold such an opinion I would respectfully suggest that the range of accessible pasturage on this side of St. Vincent's Gulf is very limited and not capable of feeding more thansheep, with the same proportionate number of Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center. Now the colony can hardly be of any importance as a wool— exporting settlement without five or six times that number of sheep. We have been favored with the following interesting report by Mr Hughes, surveyor: North Adelaide, December 12, They had located upon the spot, and made an ineffectual attempt to surround the party, but were driven off without any shots being fired.

Before we left the Peninsula, they contrived to rob us twice of blankets, although we never could perceive they were near us.

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I may mention that, upon a former occasion, having unintentionally surprised two of their females, every attempt was made to allay their fears by retiring from them, and on the same day we suddenly came in view of the whole tribe, but having only two men with me, without fire-arms, provisions, or water, and no probability of Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center any before we had crossed the Peninsula, I considerd it prudent to retire without risking an interview, more particularly as they showed a menacing attitude. Being under contract with the Government for the completion of the surveys, I sailed in October last with a party consisting of eight, having taken the precaution of obtaining a sufficient stand of arms and ammunition for our protection against the hostility of the natives, being fully satisfied that the would consider us [?

Having arrived a Port Victoria, any best, formerly left there, was [?

As the party advanced the natives retired, rallying occasionally and shaking their Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center. I considered it almost useless to make any attempt at a friendly meeting with them, and was preparing to return to the vessel, but advancing a few yards towards them alone, while my party stood still, I made the signal of peace by holding up Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center my hands and waving a green bough This caused them immediately to drop their spears, and one of them took a green bow also, and advanced to meet me, the rest remaining behind at about the same distance from him as my party were from me.

He ap-peared very timid as he advanced, frequently looking behind him to see if he was supported by his party; but making motions that I wanted water, and presenting him with some biscuit, he came close enough to receive it, and was soon reconciled.

He was made to understand that I would call my party up, who then advanced without their pieces, and Philips WAS700097 Wireless Music Center called to four of his party, who came without their spears. They now pointed out a track which led to some water-holes, at which they had encamped, and as I could not persuade them to return with us for more biscuit, I made signs that we would visit them before the sun went down, and bring them biscuit and get water. The parties now separated, each waving a green bough as they retired. Philips Streamium.

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