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Episode-1 wallpaper in all its glory!

Bumping the resolution to x, you can see it's a little sharper than the old TNT at this resolution. You want to know how x looks like? Beats me!

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I don't have a 21" monitor you know? Ok, on to the next section to show you what Creative drivers have to offer. Once the Creative drivers are installed you'll see this icon in the traybar it's the last icon: Of them, the most important bunch would be the Safe Display mode in case you set the wrong resolution and refresh rates and you're stuckthe Virtual Desktop Presets, Windows Desktop Presets and the Shortcut Manager. If you have your monitor type properly selected, you should see a whole list of resolutions and colour depths that your 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 is capable of in the Windows Desktop Presets. Something similar is also available at the Virtual Desktop Presets. Only item I feel missing is a refresh-rate selection on this menu.

Going to the Shortcut Manager, it looks very similar function-wise to a Canopus Launcher. It allows you to link any program or game and set its resolution, colour depth and specific colour settings that you require to run it.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2-Ultra AGP

You even set a secondary video-card maybe a V2 or FireGL? After setting your shortcuts here, you can find 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 by right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting the shortcuts you've made, above the Shortcut-Manager. In your display properties, you'll find a new tab called Blaster-Control. There are many sections here, so I'll be highlighting the more important ones and the first one shows the information page as shown to your left. This section is called the Tweak page.


Mainly looks likes a spruced up version 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 nVidia's Tweak page. Have a look at the snapshot for more details. This is the TV-output page. You have to manually lower your resolution to x or x at 60Hz refresh rate in order to have output to the TV. Fortunately, it can output both to TV and Monitor at the same time.

Creative Labs 3d Blaster Riva Tnt2 AGP 32mb 128 Bit Video Card

Both the above factors led us to a blank monitor output but the output on TV was available. Even if you live in Argentina and can't figure out which one to 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2, the database is so huge it lists out plenty of countries and their supported systems. It's almost idiot-proof!


After selecting one of them, you'll be given the option of the resolution to output and refresh rate basically x and x We were quite surprised of the TV-output quality! We ran 3DmarkMax and it looked like we were playing a console game!

Text is not something you want look at for more than a short time of course. That wraps up the TV-out experience.

Excellent 3D quality of course not Matrox style yet! Phantom Menace, Star-Wars Episode Pod-Racer, Quake-2 and I 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 the games at x with extreme fluency. The Main Features of the card as dictated on Creative's web-site are: Peak fill rate of million bilinear filtered, multi-textured pixels per second Over 9 million triangles per second at peak rates Bilinear Filtering 2.

This was far and away the highest clocked TNT2 model released. 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 card used special extremely low latency for the time 4. However, Creative included a unique software package that allowed the user to run software that used 3dfx 's Glide.


This wrappernamed Unified, was not as compatible with Glide games as real 3dfx hardware, but it was also the only card available other than a 3dfx card that could run Glide software. The card lacked TV output, however.

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These glasses made games look as though they were coming 3D Blaster RIVA TNT2 of the screen, and worked with both Direct3D and some OpenGL titles. Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2-Ultra and. Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TNT2-Value Reviews Reviewed by Vijay Anand (20 July 99)  Ram‎: ‎Hyundai 32MB ns Mhz SDRAM. The available download(s) for 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 is listed below. View: Driver Application AGP wizard for TNT based graphics card. Filesize: KB.

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