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Drives can differ from batch to batch.

Power adapter for AcomData CUSAU HDD and 50 similar items

If AcomData CUSA250U shop you purchased it from can't be found online, please find the manufacturers web page for that EXACT drive version. Every USB device ever made has its own unique Vendor ID and Product ID, two four-digit hexadecimal numbers that together identify a particular model made by a particular company. Plug the device into your computer. Wait for Windows to initialize the device, if necessary. In the big box beneath that there will be one or more lines starting AcomData CUSA250U something like this: Some computers have built-in cardreaders attached to the USB bus, which can confuse the process.

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If using gparted - add boot Tested Tested s flag to all your partitions. Works like a AcomData CUSA250U. Tried with Homebrew on fat 32 partition and it works like a charm! Fails 1 out of 5 times.

Book Home Not Work This is due to AcomData CUSA250U multiple ports most likely. It's worth the buy regardless, and it's very quiet and efficient. Homebrew tested: USB Loader 1.

Our computers have stopped recognizing this external hard - Fixya

I have AcomData CUSA250U 2 partitions from GB with windows, i made 2 partitions aswell a 50gb fat and a gb Work WBFS everything is detected without any problems! Not sure if it matters but I disabled s the power save spindown feature. This is the point where you will need a pro to assist AcomData CUSA250U. I have had great luck with Armor-IT in Canada, they are the least expensive for most types of recovery and faster than most other facilities. Let me know how you make out either way, if you have any followup questions please comment back into this artical as it keeps it easier for me to track your questions. Works great!


AcomData CUSA250U like this works well Works just like the other Hitachi external drives. No problems at all so far. Amazing deal for the price By now, only geexbox recognizes.


All issues resolved with the new cIOS38rev No need to wait for Wii to be turned on before plugging the drive in. Played for over an hour and let sit for over 20 minutes and Not Tested Not Tested Works auto-off did not effect gameplay. Quick loading time and drive will turn itself back on when you turn on the WII. Softmodded wii Previously when wii was cIOS36rev10, drive was not recognised by the usb loader and just did not boot up. AcomData CUSA250U

Power adapter for AcomData CUSA250U HDD

Updated to cIOS38rev14, drive Not Tested Not Tested Works works perfect; drive boots up when wii boots up and switches off when wii is switched off, usbloaders recognise drive, games boot up perfect. Might be fixed on the next version AcomData CUSA250U USB Loader. Works with this setup: Plug a usb flash drive into the first usb and plug hdd into second usb to make it detect instantly. Does not work with the suggested setup.


AcomData CUSA250U 48, and as 1 parition doesn't work. Formatted the AcomData CUSA250U one twice in a row with ncWBFSTool and then I stopped having the "this is not a wii disc" error when loading games. Works after many attempts. Thats how it should be: Works flawlessly with cIOS rev14 and rev Lot of issues with older versions. Official AcomData CUSAU Free Driver Download for Windows ME, 98 - .

World's most popular driver download site. Official AcomData CUSAU Free Driver Download for WindowsME, 98SE, 98 - .

World's most popular driver download.

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