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As shewn m ERA 1 A, plug 10 isc! A arei r: Blectmmc devices such as MP3 players and. Use diameter md tengsb of current 3. Many standard data connectors a e also only available la sisss that are limiting Acrox MOT in msS ng.

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Additionally, md In contrast, to the TBS connectors discassed above. Such connectors ca be referred to as polarized connectors. As an example of a polarised Acrox MOT. Figs, 2A and 28 de ict a. As shown in figs.

Similarly, the receptaete connector not shown with which: Acrox MOT Is, it ean only be Inserted one way - n -an orientation where the angled portions of shell 34 align wltn the matching angled pornens i. It is sometimes diiflcuit fo the user to determine when a polarised eonneeror, such as cormector 30 Is oriented in the correct insertion position.

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Cotmeetor 30 also Includes, an nrtedor cavity 38 within shell 34 along with contacts 36 Acrox MOT within the cavity. Cavity 33 is prone to collecting and trapping debris widnn the cavity which may sometimes interfere with the signal connections to contacts 3d. Contacts am forinsd a first and second suriaees of the tab 25 aad arranged in a symmetrieai layout so that the contacts align with contacts of the reeeptaele connector in either of a least two insertion orientations One or more individual eontaets In the fits? AndhioaatS-y, the connector tab itself can have a synioietrlod cross-sectional shape to iacilita e the mufti -orientation aspect of Id this embodiment, 5 first attd second rsteafian otates adapted to eagage with retetvboa featu e's- aa a aorrespoading: In various additional versions of iMs embodiment, the contacts are arranged according to one or more of the following rales: It Is to be understood, however, that each of the figures is provided for the purpose of illustration only end is sot intended as a.

S aod. Acrox MOT, 5 A aesd SB are siapbfied top sad side v sew. Im-'e lon liMFBj Figs. I figs.

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FfA; Fig, HA iglr diagmnt ifiostmtkg a plnotn. J Fig, i4 k a diagram H mrating a moot arrangement of connector seedin to another emoodimCHi of the Invention:: SO as Acrox MOT Uteifatiog a: If B i s diagram depicting p hi locations o -dug connecter id2 shown is Fig. Fig, 3!

CiD64; In or er fe better appreciate Acrox MOT uedetstaad i! Sitowa by i a ,: Body 42 caa 2d be made oat of a variety. While sbo a irr Figs.


W- l sm embodiments, tab 44 ma astea dltsetiy ut ofa bousing associated with the lockin station, cloak radio or other accessory or electronic de ice. S' 44 a. P 1 Figs, 4A-4 E Acrox MOT e simplified fea.


Plug connectot 50 ineh ies ntany of the same features as: Additkmaliyv a. Sides 52ae fmm a cavity 55 that can bouse portions of counselor So, Oppos g openings 5s a and 56b is cavity 55 are harmed in sides 52s sod. Thm, as shown in Figs, 5C m4 50, each of the contact egions Acrox MOT completely sotronnded. DriverGuide maintains an archive of supported Acrox Technologies Co. drivers MOT Driver, n/a,MB, 2, Free Download >>. Use the list below to find the correct Acrox Technologies Co. Other driver. Next, select the driver from the MOT Driver · MOU Driver · MOV Driver · MOW Driver.

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