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Click on for more on network auto-mounting and a couple speed tests. Unplug and, depending on the OS, the drive DroboShare -- usually between seconds. Plug back in and it's back up DroboShare under 20 seconds usually.

Sometimes it took a little longer when switching between wired and wireless networks on our LAN, but once we DroboShare a few manual connections things started working fine automatically. For what it's worth, to date this might be the best network share auto-mounting system we've seen -- it's certainly way ahead of Apple's weak showing of autoFS in Leopard.


Simply find it on your network and copy files to it, read files from it and use it as you normally would. You will notice above that during the setup procedure all I had to DroboShare was install Drobo Dashboard and it all automatically worked. Using Drobo Dashboard you can assign it a DroboShare IP and change its name and the volume names to whatever you prefer.

The reason I bought the Drobo was to take three hard drives I had sat in a DroboShare computer full of movies, music and other data. Up until now I had to turn that machine on every time I needed to get to it and it was really beginning to become annoying. Having it always accessible over the network is much more convenient. However, this presented an interesting challenge. This means that the data is always protected against failure of a drive DroboShare there are two or more installed. Imagine RAID which automatically adapts to the number of drives without the need to reformat or rebuild and you are pretty much there. However, it turned out that Drobo does need at least two hard drives at whatever size your largest hard drive is in order to not waste space.

Drobo DroboShare review: Drobo DroboShare - CNET

This turned out to be a bit of a problem for me. As I mentioned before, my data was split across 3 drives: I then began the very lengthly task of copying all my data near enough GB from the machine to the Drobo. You'll remember I said that if you put one large and one small drive in, there is some wasted space. The diagram above shows this - the purple portion is not available. There was not nearly enough space for all my data, not even the data from the GB drive only. My original plan was to copy the data from this drive over, then take the drive out of the computer and put it into the Drobo in order to then copy the data from the external drive over. This clearly wasn't going to happen after all, and I'd already started the copying process. This presented a bit of a problem: I had no other spare drives. Since the copy was still taking place and I had no wish to stop it and DroboShare other plan of action even if I didI decided the only thing I could do was an emergency trip to PC World for another drive.

Thankfully it was only Here is the beauty of Drobo. Within a few moments it auto-mounts as a shared network drive via SMB, regardless of what file system the Drobo itself is running, or whether you're running Windows or Mac.

DroboShare Drobo NAS mini-review

For those running on Linux or other operating systems, the DroboShare is still accessible over your network via standard SMB share just like any other server. Click on for more on network auto-mounting and a couple speed tests.


Unplug and, depending on the OS, DroboShare drive DroboShare -- usually between seconds. Plug back in and it's back up in under 20 seconds usually.

DroboShare Drobo NAS mini-review

The Droboshare turns the DroboShare storage enclosure into a real file server. The Drobo by itself must be connected to a computer through USB or DroboShare, but the Droboshare lets computers reach the Drobo over a network. After that, other computers can reach the Droboshare through. DroboShare, a companion product to the Drobo USB storage system , extends Drobo’s protected and expandable storage to other computers on the same network.

Just as Drobo deftly shields the user from the DroboShare details of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks.

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