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KLANG:fabrik - 8 user 3D In-Ear monitoring system

Both the stage clutter of a bunch of personal mixers on mic stands and the expense of all that hardware was something that we wanted to avoid. Instead, a powerful system that our worship musicians could easily control via their own mobile devices was attractive right from the start.


Of course, it also offers standard stereo mixing as well. Setchfield was quickly converted as soon as he saw the EQ interface. The KLANG system provides parametric control over each channel, even when there is no dedicated monitor console.

Hope Fellowship Church Chooses KLANG:technologies 3D IEM Mixing System - ProSoundWeb

And the parametric interface is simple and graphical. Sitting dull and drab between the person's head is a line that represents the basic stereo field, on which you can put inputs that sound better anchored in one place i.

A single purple ring around the head allows you to drag sounds from the KLANG Fabrik Mixing System field to the 3D space, something that's guaranteed to bring a smile the first time you hear the sound move out of your head. Icons for each input are multi-colored for easy identification, and even have a small level indicator.

Dragging them around the circle moves them through 3D space—a task more easily done on a tablet than a phone. When multiple icons get stacked into one area, it can be a trick to select the one you want.

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Thankfully, you can create icon groups to reduce the clutter and to access only the channels you need. Not content to simply pluck sounds off the stereo field and sprinkle them into space, the folks at Klang decided the 3D sound field needed to move to track the rotation of your head.

If you turn around on stage, the drummer that was behind you is now in front of you. What you see with your eyes is confirmed by your ears, and the illusion is complete.

Hope Fellowship Church Chooses KLANG:technologies 3D IEM Mixing System

That makes three layers of positioning: The i3D mode is a bit ahead of its time, [since] the Klang: Until then, you can use a phone or tablet for the motion tracking. The Boring Stuff Although it's more fun to read about 3D in-ear sound, you need to know the other details as well. Is the 3D audio world perfect" to hear the front-to-back placement, [since] it isn't nearly as pronounced as the side-to-side. I found that when I closed my eyes and rotated a sound it could be hard to tell whether the sound was moving in front of me or behind. I've been testing audio products for more than 30 years, and I'm not easy to impress.

The Klang system impressed me. I understand how it works and what it's doing, but it still seems like magic when I switch from stereo to 3D modes.

Liberty Church Installs a KLANG:fabrik 3D IEM Mixing System « MMR Magazine

KLANG:fabrik of KLANG:technologies is the core of the 3D In-Ear KLANG Fabrik Mixing System ADAT) in order to work with professional mixing desks and stage boxes of any kind. Professional personal monitoring system; Natural 3D sound through binaural. The Klang system is virtual reality for your ears, and it needs to be The stereo field that sits between your ears no longer constrains the mix.

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