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The Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder either must be printed on a transparent material and affixed to the screen, in a manner that is removable by the consumer and does not obscure the picture when displayed for sale, or displayed separately immediately adjacent to each television receiver offered for sale and clearly associated with the analog-only model to which it pertains. In the case of other analog-only video devices that do not include a display e.

To the extent that any persons Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder or offer for sale or rent via direct mail, catalog, or electronic means analog-only television receiving equipment, they must prominently display the Consumer Alert as part of all advertisements or descriptions of such television receiving equipment, in clear and conspicuous print, and in close proximity to any images or descriptions of such equipment. Immediately after the rule became effective, the Commission's Enforcement Bureau began inspecting hundreds of stores throughout the country, as well as dozens of popular retailer websites, and observed many models Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder analog-only television receiving equipment on display without the required Consumer Alert labels.

Philips DVDR/37 Review ~ (Testing / Opinion) DVD Recorder and DivX Player ~

On May 30the Enforcement Bureau issued a Citation to Wal-Mart for offering for sale television receiving equipment having an analog-only tuner without displaying the required Consumer Alert in close proximity. Between May 30,and June 13,the Enforcement Bureau conducted inspections at numerous stores and, based on those inspections, issued additional Citations to Wal-Mart for violations at its stores. After affording Wal-Mart a reasonable opportunity to respond to the first Citation, agents and investigators from the Enforcement Bureau began inspecting numerous additional Wal-Mart stores on June 14,in various states and once again observed in fifty-one 51 stores and the Sam's Club website, television receiving Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder with analog-only tuners on display without the required Consumer Alert labels.

Under Section b 1 of the Act, any person who is determined by the Commission to have willfully or repeatedly failed to comply with any provision of the Act or any rule, regulation, or order issued by the Commission shall be liable to the United States for Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder forfeiture penalty.

Philips 313924872281 DVDR REMOTE CONTROL DVDR3390 DVDR3355 DVDR3390/37 +others

Section f 1 of the Act defines willful as "the conscious and deliberate commission or omission of [any] act, irrespective of any intent to violate" the law. The legislative history to Section f 1 of the Act clarifies that this definition of willful applies to both Sections and b of the Act and the Commission has so interpreted the term in imposing forfeitures pursuant to Section b. The Commission may also assess a forfeiture for violations that are merely repeated, and Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder willful.


To impose such a forfeiture penalty, the Commission must issue a notice of apparent liability and the person against whom the notice has been issued must have an opportunity to show, in writing, why no such forfeiture penalty should be imposed. The Commission will then issue a forfeiture Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder it finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the person has violated the Act or a Commission rule.


As we set forth below, we conclude under this standard that Wal-Mart is apparently liable for forfeiture for its apparent willful and repeated violations of Section Based on the evidence before us, we find that Wal-Mart apparently willfully and repeatedly violated Section Specifically, as detailed in Attachment B, agents and investigators from the Enforcement Bureau observed a number of different models of television receiving equipment having only an analog-only tuner Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder display in fifty-one 51 Wal-Mart stores and on the Sam's club website without the required Consumer Alert labels.

Wal-Mart previously received sixty-three 63 Citations for this same type of conduct prior to the agents' inspections. In exercising such authority, we must take into account "the nature, circumstances, extent, and gravity of the violation and, with respect to the violator, the degree of culpability, any history of prior offenses, ability to pay, and such other matters as justice may require.

In adopting the Consumer Alert labeling requirements, the Commission stated that "[a]ccurate communication of this impending change is a highly material disclosure for consumers contemplating the purchase of a television. Similar issues arose regarding labeling requirements for wireless hearing aid-compatible handsets. The labeling requirements for wireless hearing aid-compatible handsets and the analog-only tuner labeling requirements both serve the important goal of ensuring that consumers have access to necessary information. We find that, beginning on June 14,as detailed in attachment B, even after receiving the Citations warning of violations Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder its stores across the country, Wal-Mart displayed numerous different models of equipment with an analog-only tuner in fifty-one 51 stores and the Sam's Club website without the required Consumer Alert label.

As a result, Wal-Mart continued to market television receiving equipment to consumers without adequately warning that the equipment contained an analog-only television receiver. Those consumers may not learn of their equipment's limitations until the analog-only devices cease to receive over-the-air television signals, long after any period for returning the equipment has expired. This scenario is precisely the outcome that our rule was intended to prevent. Payment of the forfeiture must be made by check or similar instrument, payable to the order of the Federal Communications Commission. Payment by check or money order may be mailed to Federal Communications Commission, P.

Payment by overnight mail may be sent to U. Requests for full payment under an installment plan should be sent to: The Commission will not consider reducing or canceling a forfeiture in response to a claim of inability to pay unless the petitioner submits: Any claim of inability to pay must specifically identify the Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder for the claim by reference to the financial documentation submitted. Requests for payment of the full amount of this Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture under an installment plan should be sent to: June 15,Sam's Club, samsclub. The devices subject to this proceeding were offered for sale at various Wal-Mart and Sam's Club retail locations and electronically at the Sam's Club internet site, www.

Philips DVDR3390-37 User Manual

I know, it's a crapshoot buying used but sometimes it allows you to move up in gear. Nothing has been mentioned about the Philips deck's ability to decode a composite video signal? Does it to a good job or is it shimmering away with phase errors? So it is likely Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder component is in there somewhere but may not be exposed onto a socket. Time and wear and tear will be higher, although time is high enough when you are using such a recorder to make more than a handful of duplicates.

I'm not sure that I'd hunt down an alternative DVD recorder in this instance. Does you component monitor loop or convert through? One further enquiry and POV to the original poster: If so, you might want to change your workflow towards using a software DVD authoring tool.


They have come along quite a Philips DVDR339037 DVD Recorder and you'll get better overall quality if you ever need much more than an hour on DVD. Keith Nealy It has compontent in, DV in, etc. It has an internal HD which is really necessary if you want to edit anything. DVD recorder with Dual media, DivX, and DVDR/37 Find similar products Dual Media conveniently records on both DVD+R/RW & DVD-R/RW. Find support for your DVD player/recorder DVDR/ Discover user manuals, FAQs, hints & tips for your Philips product.

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