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Its holder wasa young man without a mustache calling himself Ibrahcm b. Adham inter-estingly enough the same name Philips 109B5574 Monitor that of a popular Sufi saint who died inthe early Abbasid period.

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When amir Qiriay, governor of Tripoli, receivedthe news that the Nuhayrc peasants had attacked the town of Jabala, hedispatched 1, cavalrymen to quell the revolt. The troops had no Philips 109B5574 Monitor in killing its leader, Mugammad al-Mahdc, and thus ending the revoltin a matter of five days.


Therefore, we consider the revolt had no seriousimpact upon the Mamluk regime during the third reign of Sultan al-Nahir However, when we look a little more carefully, we find a closeconnection between the revolt and the sultans religious policy at the time. The Nuhayrcs, or Alawcs, belong to one of the extremist Shc ite sectsformed in Syria during the tenth and the eleventh centuries. Philips 109B5574 Monitor

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Holding firmlyto the original Philips 109B5574 Monitor ite ideas, they came to consider the first Imam, Alc b. It is said that they had learned a secret way of teachingpeople from the Ismaclcs stationed at Mahyaf and Qadmes, and that theyhad based their liturgy on the beliefs of native Christians.


Since they were aminority with a peculiar religious life, they suffered atrocities at the handsof the Crusaders, the Mamluk sultan Baybars and the Ottomansultan Selim I alike. As we know, most of the Nuhayrcs todaylive in the Philips 109B5574 Monitor areas of Jabal Anharcya or Jabal al-Nuhayrcya, eastof Latakia and Jabala, and make up around 11 percent of the Syrianpopulation.

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All Ibn al-Wardc d. In this Philips 109B5574 Monitor the sultan ordered the Nuhayrcs to build amosque in every village and prohibited initiation khiiab intotheir creed. In this year the Nuhayrcs renounced their obedience tothe sultan. Tarckh Ibn al-Wardc, II, When considering the cause of the revolt, I recalled the Nahirc cadastralsurvey al-Rawk al-Nahirc carried out in the region of Tripoli duringthe previous year, Following the cadastres of Syria andof Egyptthe Tripoli cadastre was carried out by the Mamlukgovernment in Cairo to reassign iqias to amirs and mamluks.


The surveywas over by Novemberand miscellaneous taxes like the tax on fowland prison tax were customarily exempted. The exemption of miscellaneoustaxes described by Ibn al-Wardc seems to indicate this post-cadastral surveysituation in Tripoli.

Furthermore, two orders concerning the religious life of the Nuhayrcswere issued on 13 Philips 109B5574 Monitor, following the exemption of these taxes in thedistrict of Tripoli. The first order reads, The Nuhayrcs should construct amosque masjid in each village and assign part of the villages land for itsmanagement. A manager is to be appointed as a representative of thegovernor of Tripoli, and has the responsibility to control the mosques Nuwayrc, Nihayat al-Arab, XXX, fol.

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Actually, the Nuhayrcs had notradition attaching importance to prayer at mosques. What happened wasthat the Mamluk government took the opportunity of the cadastral surveyto intensify its control over the Nuhayrcs and ordered them to construct amosque in each village. The second order by Sultan al-Nahir reads, At thesame time, we outlaw the Nuhayrcs khiiab. After the issue of this orderthey may Philips 109B5574 Monitor perform any kind of khiiab. The khiiab in Arabic means literally discourseor epistle, but the second order makes it clear that khiiab also refers tothe Nuhayrc creed itself.

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Al-Maqrczc explains the Nuhayrc khiiab as follows: When a youth grows to be an adult, a banquet is held for him. After eating and drinking they the participants make him swearforty times to keep the secrets of their sect.

Then they impart himthe knowledge: The deity ilahcya is Alc b. Abc Ialib, drinkingwine is permissible, the transmigration of souls is a fact, the worldis eternal, resurrection after death is false, and Paradise and Hellare to be denied.

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